What Is CNC Milling Machine?

To know what’s CNC milling machine, the first thing we should make clear of what’s milling machine. Milling machine is a machine tool with a milling cutter, which can work on the variety surface of the workpiece. Usually, the rotary of the milling cutter is the main motion, the movement of the workpiece is the feed motion. Milling machine can process variety of surfaces, groove, gears, teeth thread and spline shaft, etc. Milling machine is widely used in machinery manufacturing. In short, milling machine is a machine tool that can do various kinds of machining processes, such as milling, drilling, boring and so on. CNC milling machine is developed on the base of general milling machine. It is kind of general milling machine equipped with computer numerical control system.

Types of CNC Milling Machine

CNC Milling machine normally divided into three types by spindle position

  • CNC vertical milling machine
    CNC vertical milling machine in the number has occupied most of the CNC milling machine, the most widely used. The number of coordinates from around the control of CNC system, the 3 axis NC milling is still the majority; can be 3 axis machining, but also has 3 arbitrary coordinate in two axis machining machine tool parts only (often called the 2.5 axis machining). In addition, the machine tool spindle can be around the X, Y, Z axis of which one or two axes for numerical control of the 4 axis and 5 axis CNC vertical milling.
  • Horizontal CNC milling machine
    The common horizontal milling machine is the same as the general horizontal milling machine, and its main axis is parallel to the horizontal plane. In order to expand the scope and expansion function, the horizontal CNC milling machine is usually used to increase the numerical control turntable or universal CNC rotary table to achieve 4, 5 coordinate processing. In this way, not only the continuous rotary contour can be processed on the side of the workpiece, but also can be realized in one installation, and the position is changed by a turntable “.
  • Vertical and horizontal CNC milling machine
    At present, this kind of CNC milling machine has been rare, because this kind of spindle milling machine can be replaced, can be achieved in a single machine can carry out vertical machining can be carried out, and at the same time with the horizontal machining, the above two types of machine function and the use of wider range, more complete function, select the processing object more room, and bring a lot of convenience to the user. In particular, the production of small batches, more varieties, but also need to stand, lie two ways to process, the user simply buy a machine like this on the line.

Characteristics of CNC milling machine

In addition to the characteristics of ordinary milling machine processing, CNC milling machine also has characteristics as below:

  • Can work on the parts with particularly complex shape,  or the parts with difficult to control size, such as mold parts, shell liked parts. And parts processing adaptability, flexibility is good with CNC milling machine.
  • Can process with the parts that the ordinary milling machine can not be processed or very difficult to process, such as the complex curve parts that using mathematical models to describe,  and three-dimensional space surface parts.
  • Once the clamping positioned, CNC milling machine can carry out multi-channel processing with the parts.
  • The machining accuracy is high, the processing quality is stable and reliable.
  • With high degree of automation, can reduce the labor intensity of the operator, and improve production management automation.
  •  The production efficiency is high. CNC milling machine generally do not need to use special fixtures and other special processing equipment, processing procedures. In replacement of the workpiece, it simply call the data of processing program, clamping tool, stored in the NC device and adjust the cutter data, thus greatly shorten the production cycle. Secondly, CNC milling machine has the functioin of milling, boring , drilling, it makes the process highly centralized, greatly improving the efficiency of production. In addition, the spindle speed and feed rate of the CNC milling machine are continuously variable speed, so it is conducive to the choice of the best cutting dosage.