Compared with NC machining through ice machine processing, in many Fangshan follow the basic consistent principle, there are also many similarities in the use of factory method. But for CNC machine tools, the higher degree of automation of the water, the higher the cost of equipment, equipment, strong function, so that the number of processing corresponding to the formation of the following characteristics.

  • CNC machining process is very clear and specific
    To carry out rescue processing. CNC machine tool is to accept the NC system of the future to achieve a variety of motion processing. Therefore, before making program needs a variety of process of gang influencing processing, such as cutting Dan, feed line, tool geometry, Ding step division and arrangement and made a quantitative description for every problem to give the exact answer and choice, not like ordinary machining as in most cases on many specific technical problems, by operators according to their own practical experience and habits for consideration and decision. That is to say, it will in the process by the operating flexibility and many technical problems can be handled through the timely adjustment. In the NC programming must turn to sit in advance the specific design and clear arrangement of content.
  • CNC machining process is very accurate and tight
    The NC machining process of small problems cannot be adjusted by the operator by white: for example, internal thread processing, in the general machine tool, the operator can at any time according to Kong Xiao is a full chip and decide whether to return or remove a cutting knife again, and
    CNC machine tools are not known. So in the process design of NC machining in every detail must be attention in the process, do it without a knife. In particular, the graphics for mathematical processing, the design of the interests and make up. In practical work, because of a character, a decimal point or a comma difference may lead to large lead Ministry of machine and accident, because the price is much higher than the general machine tools CNC machine tools, machining the workpiece shape is often more complex, the value is also high, in case of damage to the machine or the workpiece scrap will cause greater loss of fire.
    According to the analysis of complete example of machining, NC process and calculation and inconsiderate series product is caused by careless people. The main reason for failure of NC machining. Therefore, it is necessary to require the programmer to have a solid basic knowledge of the process and a more practical experience.
    Patient and rigorous style of work.
  • CNC machining process is relatively concentrated
    Generally speaking, in the ordinary machine tool is a single process according to the types of machine tools, and on the NC machine to work with the processing of the workpiece clamping a workpiece to complete drilling, milling, reaming, reaming, tapping, hammer and other processes. This “multi – sequence -” phenomenon also session in the “centralized” of the “process” of the case, under extreme circumstances, in addition to the center of the table to complete the whole process of the work of the workpiece.