casting capability

 CPR Is a manufacturer of Aluminum and zinc Castings located in southern China. CPR offers full service Die-Casting solutions From Concept to Casting. As a high-pressure, aluminum die cast manufacturer, we utilize lean manufacturing techniques, and innovative and forward-thinking practices that allow us to service our customers. We also design and manufacture the tooling to manufacture these Aluminum Castings.

Based on our manufacturing facilities and the local co-operating factories, we could do the sand castings, investment castings (lost wax castings), aluminum alloy die-casting, zinc alloy die-castings and forgings. We could also do the additional machining for these parts, and also the finish treatment (heat treatment, sand blasting & anodizing, polishing, powder coating, etc..) as well.

At CPR, every part is produced to your specifications, including precision machining and finishing by powder coating, painting, electro-plating or anodizing. We consistently deliver on the promise inherent in our guiding principle: Customer’s requirements are our motivation. To create first-rate, detect-free products is our utmost goal. We never accept non-conforming material, never produce substandard products, never deliver low quality products, never content with the current achievement. As a Chinese saying goes, “it is necessary to have effective tools to do good work.” CPR Precision has introduced an advanced processing equipment from abroad repeatedly, and has been equipped with a series of tools and clamping apparatus.


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