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Here at CPR Precisions, we uphold the management notion of “management is based on people, and coorperation creates worth”, continually strengthens the management.

What we do

Customer’s requirments are our motivation. To create first-rate, detect-free products is our utmost goal. We never accept non-conforming material, never produce substandard products, never deliver low quality products, never content with the current achievement.

Die Casting

Investment Casting, Sand Casting, Aluminium Die Casting, Brass Forging


Investment Casting, Sand Casting, Aluminium Die Casting, Brass Forging

Injection Moulding

Plastic Injection Moulding, Plastic Mould, Dual Color Injection


Precision CNC Milling, Precision CNC Turning, Micro Machining

About Us

CPR Precision was founded early 2005. It’s a development, design, production, sales radiator, fan electronic hardware manufacturers. Since its inception, the majority of customer support and care, our company continuously improve business management, optimize product quality.

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What’s CNC Machining Center?

What’s CNC Machining Center? CNC-machining-center-chinaCNC machining center is a machine with tool magazine and can change tools automatically. At a certain range, CNC machining center can work on a workpiece with multi machining process. The characteristics of the...

The Advantages And Application Of Metal Stamping

Stamping process advantages Compared with other methods of mechanical processing and plastic processing, stamping process has many unique advantages both in technology and economy. The main performance is as follows. (1) the production efficiency of stamping process...

The Characteristics Of CNC Machining Process

Compared with NC machining through ice machine processing, in many Fangshan follow the basic consistent principle, there are also many similarities in the use of factory method. But for CNC machine tools, the higher degree of automation of the water, the higher the...

Guarantee of quality

High-quality policy: Innovative thinking, seeking greater perfection, focus on perfection, almost hypercriticism. Quality being vital for an enterprise, qualified products are the powerful weapon to enter into the international market. 


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CNC Machining & MillingMost of our customers’ castings require secondary machining through our CNC centers. Dedicated machine centers are ideal for high volume production as well as short runs along with test pieces and or prototypes. The combination of equipment (manual and CNC machining) allows CPR Precision to develop and implement the most cost effective solution for your parts. CPR Precision’s Manufacturing and assembly plant Currently has 80 CNC machine equipment this means cost-effective precision machining services for your custom metal & plastic CNC machined parts. At CPR factory, by flexible using of conventional machining and precision CNC machining, we can help you save the machining cost and increase your competitive edge. We are committed to provide you best machined products & services at most competitive prices. CPR is customer-oriented precision CNC machining factory, we also stick to continuous improvement of our products and services

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Aluminium Die Castings

Aluminium Die Castings


  • We have adopted a learning attitude as the cornerstone of work
  • Take a down-to-earth attitude as basis of cooperation
  • Gather the power of the team with remissive spirit

Interactively empower diverse imperatives after prospective convergence.

Interactively fashion functional action items after 24/365 results. Dynamically redefine world-class metrics without leading-edge markets. Progressively orchestrate enabled “outside the box” thinking via scalable quality vectors. Objectively unleash optimal core competencies.

  • Die Casting – 90%
  • Stampings – 97%
  • Injection Moulding – 90%
  • Product Manufacturing – 96%


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